Saturday, June 27, 2009

IBM Building

Typical late 50s early 60s Dallas box at 2911 Cedar Springs Road at Turtle Creek. Now a 12-15 story glass-faced hi-rise, probably condos.


  1. Something I read in D Magazine leads me to believe the IBM Building was demolished around 1985 for a new building. Can you confirm the IBM Building is no more? I'm in San Antonio otherwise I'd go look for myself.


  2. If you search for 2911 Cedar Springs on Google Maps it will produce an image of a parking area for the Park Place building, whose address is 2911 Turtle Creek. The building is at the same corner as the old IBM building but the front of the new building faces a different direction, hence the Turtle Creek address; however the parking area Google Maps displays is entered via Cedar Springs. It's a 14-story black slate building. Hope this answers your question.