Monday, January 2, 2012

Oakland Cemetery

Oakland Cemetery was founded about 1890. It is located south of Fair Park and north of the corner of Malcolm X Blvd. and Pine Street. Only a few years after its founding the cemetery was well on its way to becoming the final resting place for many Dallas leaders. A journalist who reported on the cemetery in 1893 said, "The drive (to the cemetery) was through one of the most beautiful residence sections of the city....through a pretty landscape, the attractive feature of which is a succession of groves and lawns. On reaching the cemetery the visitor is seized with the inspiration of the beautiful. Beginning with the lofty pillars, there is spread out a panorama of classical beauty."

Here's a view of that panorama of classical beauty more than a hundred years later.

This postcard is probably from about 1902 or later, when Geo. W. Loudermilk was superintendent of Oakland and Greenwood Cemeteries. His name is no longer on the gate, nor is he buried here.

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