Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Windshield Glass Manufacturing Co. - Season's Greetings

Our New Home  -  3404 Ross Avenue  -  Dallas, Tex

The last of my holiday offerings. Quite a mixture of a Santa-baby, reindeer, and fir tree in that bottom panel, but alas, still no mention of Christmas. I guess that could be a baby Jesus but it looks more like the New Year baby to me.

This image dates to 1949 when Windshield Glass moved into their new concrete block building just east of the intersection of Ross and McCoy. The 5000 square foot building is still there after more than 65 years. It's now J B Parks Wholesale Florist.

Merry Christmas, all!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Texas Bank and Trust Company of Dallas - Season's Greetings

Main at Lamar  -  RIverside 8-9141  -  The Largest State Bank in Texas

I found Texas Bank & Trust mentioned as early as 1930 and as late as 1965. This illustration looks like an atomic-age incarnation of the Texas Bank Building, or at least of its parking garage, and the phone number looks like it came from the late 50s or early 60s. "The Downtown Bank" was located on the corner of Main and Lamar, and peering at a street view in google maps, I'm guessing its building is long gone. One corner of that intersection is home to El Centro College, in the old Sanger Harris Building, and the Texas Club, built upon the metal frame of the former Continental Trailways Bus Terminal occupies a second corner. The Texas Bank Building must have been on one of the two other corners, either the one containing a skyscraper of fairly recent vintage,  or the corner that's a ground-level parking lot.

But back to the subject of "Christmas" greetings, again no sign of the word on this matchbook, although I do see what looks like a church in the snowy scene above.

The Baker Hotel - Season's Greetings

Ok, there's holly berries and leaves, stars, and a house surrounded by fir trees. I'm not sure but I think that's a pair of red shoes in the top panel. Does this say "Christmas" to you?

Monday, December 22, 2014

Mohr Chevrolet Company - Season's Greetings

1009-15 Bryan St.  -  Dallas, Texas  -  Phone 7 8141  - 24 Hour Service

1009 Bryan was originally home to City Chevrolet. This near the odd juxtposition of Bryan to Munger and Greenville Ave. east of Garret Park.  Mohr Chevrolet took over the location about 1936, expanded along Bryan, and remained there until about 1954 when the dealership moved to Central Expressway at San Jacinto. Their slogan for many years was "See Mohr and Save More."

The little tree implies "Christmas", but the word's not mentioned.

Republic National Bank - Season's Greetings

Our Thanks
Best Wishes For a Prosperous New Year

Some editorials in my local newspaper down here in the heart of Texas are blaming atheists for taking the "Christ" out of Christmas. Folks, I'm an atheist myself and I got nuthin' against Christmas. I found some replicas of matchbooks that were given away by Dallas businesses at Christmas time, you know, back when lots of people smoked and nobody said a word about it.  I noticed something odd. Long ago in the days before political correctness and people protesting nativity displays I believe that Capitalism took the "Christ" out of Christmas. I'll post a few more items in the next few days.