Saturday, June 13, 2009

Airmaid Hosiery - McGaugh Hosiery Mills

Wear Airmaid Hosiery
Sold only through the better drug stores
Wear Airmate Socks and Ties
More Miles Per Pair

McGaugh Hosiery Mills was founded in 1929 by Joe R. Brown. In 1946 the company built a 6000 square foot building at 4408 Second Avenue, which became the finishing plant, and contained general and sales offices, employing about 125 people in 1951. The actual knitting was done by 160 employees at a mill in New Braunfels. By 1953 the company name had been changed to the Airmaid Hosiery Mills and the company was a "Blue Ribbon Winner" for best style at that year's State Fair salute to the state's rapidly growing fashion industry. By 1965 the company had either moved to Fort Worth or split from the original company and was renamed Airmaid Hosiery Company.

Wear Airmate Ankies - more miles per pair
 I think the first blue matchbook may be earlier than these two brown ones. Notice the propellered monoplane has been replaced by a more streamlined model without a prop and one that resembles a World War II bomber. "Sold only through the better drug stores" has made way for "in drug stores only" and "drug stores from coast to coast", possibly indicating expanded availability  The matchbooks all have a definite sexist bent.
For a Gentleman - his choice - Airmate Sox

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