Thursday, June 18, 2009

Southland Center & Sheraton Hotel

Circa 1972

When I was a kid the Southland Life Building was the tallest building in Dallas. A trip downtown for us usually included a ride on the elevator to the observation deck, either the top story or next one down. According to this postcard the 49-story structure was also the tallest office building west of the Mississippi.


  1. That building is currently empty. Once Bank of America pulled out of the lobby, that was pretty much the end.

    I feel bad for Ken's Cookery (best sandwiches in town) and it was a good opening to the tunnel system.

    When I worked at One Main Place, I'd stand on the north side of the building for smoke breaks. There was a window on the 29th floor of Elm Place that shuddered (but only during warm months). Now that the building is empty, I'll never find out what that was.

  2. Lolotehe, you have the wrong building. This building is now the Sheraton Dallas Hotel and it is not empty. I think you are talking about Elm Place, the former First National Bank Building. That one is across the street from One Main Place. This is far away down Pacific.