Friday, July 17, 2009

Olla Podrida

Located at 12215 Coit Road just off LBJ Freeway, Olla Podrida billed itself as "The Working Artists Place." It was more or less a craft mall, although during the mid 1970s it occasionally featured exhibits by well known photographers or folk artists. It closed about 1996 and was demolished some ten years later.

See Best Repurposing of a Crap Mall from 2006.


  1. do you remember the Hobbit store that was there? Do you know where there might be some photos?

  2. If someone could re-incarnate Olla Podrida that would be totally awesome! That was the BEST!

  3. I live in San Antonio, and went there in the mid 70's when my dad was in the Chordsmen Chorus (barbershop). They took the wives and kids by shuttle bus from the hotel. I loved that place and am saddened that it is no longer there.