Friday, September 11, 2009

Shamburger's Select Business College

Circa 1928. "The School of Efficiency" taught the following subjects: Shorthand, Touch Typewriting, English, Spelling, Court Reporting, Legal Forms, Business Correspondence, Punctuation, Secretarial Duties, Office Training, Tabulating, Care of Machines, Bookkeeping, Commercial Law, Business Writing, Finger Drills, Comptometer, Dictaphone, Multigraph, and Two weeks in Office. Day and Night School.

Yeah, I guess you'd have to attend day and night to get all that. Looks like you'd be a lawyer and a C.P.A. as well as a secretary. I'll have to find out what a comptometer is. I wonder what the difference was between business correspondence and business writing?

The building located at 5101 Columbia Avenue was built in 1925 and is still standing. The two-story 6400 square foot structure currently functions as a 20-unit motel, is valued at $275,000 on the tax rolls, and according to this image from Google Maps, it may be for sale.

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  1. I instantly recognized that building. I saw it almost every weekend when I was little and spent weekends with my Dad in Old East Dallas. Thanks for sharing!