Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zuppas Fine Foods

Opened March 7, 1940 at Northwest Highway and Kate, just west of Preston Road.
James P. Baugh, Architect     -     S. J. Churchill, General Contractor

The eatery was billed as "Dallas' Newest Drive-In or Come-In Restaurant", and featured a system of microphones in the parking area where waitresses could turn in their orders, which would then be ready by the time they walked to the kitchen. The opening day menu featured an eight-course dinner which cost One Dollar and featured entrees as varied as broiled Kansas City Sirloin Steak, Baked Long Island Duckling, and Broiled Spring French Lamp Chops on Toast.

It probably wasn't the best timing to open an establishment with an Italian-sounding name; in June restaurants serving Italian food or with Italian names in Dallas received bomb or death threats as the world went to war against Hitler and Mussolini. Some proprietors blacked out the "Italian" references in their buildings' signs.

ahh, prejudice.... it never goes out of style.

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