Sunday, October 9, 2011

Midway - State Fair of 1936

The photo is not very revealing, although some art deco buildings are evidenced by the "tiered cake" coffee house under the Texaco sign (or was that a GLO cleaners building?" The sign for Little America peeks just above the horizon line at the left.

According to a 2006 Dallas Morning news article by Katie Menzer, there were some more colorful activities for fairgoers to enjoy. She says peep shows and dancing girls were standard fare from the 1800s up until at least the 1960s.

"At Sally Rand's Nude Ranch, 23 scantily clad girls played tennis and pingpong. They shared the stage with a pair of donkeys (the "dude ranch" part of the Nude Ranch). Gypsy Rose Lee strutted her stuff. And Corinne the Apple Dancer stripped almost to the core."

"Mlle. Corinne, apple-dancing star of the Streets of All Nations (she was actually from Kaufmann), performed as usual in nothing more than a g-string and a ball somewhat larger than an apple"Mona Lleslie of the Streets of Paris performed her customary rise from the watery depths in no more than a g-string and a heavy coat of olive oil."

I don't remember ANYthing like that from my visits to the Fair.

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