Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Goldfinger Greek Restaurant opened in March 1973 at 2905 Cridelle, a half block north of Northwest Highway in the Bachman Lake Area. In 1975 the Dallas Morning News had this to say about it: "Probably the best Greek food in town, served in an elegant atmosphere, with live Greek and American music and a tiny dance floor. Try the excellent moussaka, veal renata or souvlaki and shrimp. And the dolmas are superb. Prices: $4.50 to $9.75."

The restaurant stayed in business a good 30 years at least, and I found an online review as late as 2005. The name of the street was changed from Cridelle to Webb Chapel Extension (so romantic), and sometime after 2005 the restaurant changed hands and became the Rio Bravo Mexican Restaurant. The building is relatively unchanged although the color scheme has gone from white with green and yellow trim to simply black and white.

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