Monday, December 22, 2014

Mohr Chevrolet Company - Season's Greetings

1009-15 Bryan St.  -  Dallas, Texas  -  Phone 7 8141  - 24 Hour Service

1009 Bryan was originally home to City Chevrolet. This near the odd juxtposition of Bryan to Munger and Greenville Ave. east of Garret Park.  Mohr Chevrolet took over the location about 1936, expanded along Bryan, and remained there until about 1954 when the dealership moved to Central Expressway at San Jacinto. Their slogan for many years was "See Mohr and Save More."

The little tree implies "Christmas", but the word's not mentioned.

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  1. Mohr Chevrolet's slogan was "Grandpa Mohr sells Chevrolets!". The dealership was run by his grandson Bobby Mohr until it was closed and the land sold to develop the Crescent Court complex.